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Hi, We're LuxuryBabe Official. Our contact lens is supplying to worldwide If you have any inquiry, do not hesitate to email us:


When can the parcel be mailing out? And how long can I receive it? 
Our daily closing time is 11:30pm. All the parcels will be mailing out by the next working day.   It usually take 1-2working days for you to receive it. However, it still have to depends on the post office efficiency. Please be understanding that it's out of our control once the parcel has been collected by post office. Please do not rush us. Anything you can direct contact the post office or delivery company. 

Which  contact lenses are available?
See our stock list about which colours are available

Which one is more nicer? Is this design better than that one? Can you recommend me which one is hot sales?
Every design comes with different effect. Preference may vary depends on each people taste too. All of our lens are hot sales otherwise we won't restock it. Please take note that, customers are required to understand our product first before purchasing. Our blogspot provided lots of model pictures which able to let customers to view it and choose their own preference. 

How safe is your products?
All our lens are imported from Korea. They are all certified by the Korea local authorities and international authorities.

How long i can wear these lens?
It's yearly lens. But we suggest to use 3 months only due to hygiene or till it make your eyes uncomfortable then throw it immediately:)

When will you give me tracking number?
Tracking number will be giving after the package was shipped.

How to track my package?
Track and Trace

How to submit your bulk order to us?
21 black 0x2
99 black 100/200
25 brown 0/200 x2

Do you accept cash payment ?
Sorry, this is not secure and we do not accept cash payment.

Why some lenses have one sight power only?
Because that particular lens only available with one bottle in our stock. That means it is not available for a pair.

Why the color is not the same as what I have been purchase before. What makes the lens color become darker or lighter than before?
Sometime the new batch will not be the same as the previous one. This is due to a different batch of manufacturing. The design will remain the same but the color might be slightly different in a new batch.

What is the difference between saline and multipurpose contact lens solution?
Saline does not consists disinfection function and it's only suitable to rinse lenses.

Why it is necessary to soak the new contact lens for at least 8hours first before wearing?
Because the solution of the new contact lens is not suitable for our eyes as the solution consists similar antiseptic ingredients which use to keep the lens fresh. To avoid any eyes irritation, you should use your own multipurpose solution of contact lens to soak it for at least 8hours.

Saline and multipurpose contact lens solution What is the difference?
Saline and no disinfection function applies only to rinse lenses. Multipurpose contact lens solution can be used as the cleaning, disinfection and storage of lenses.

Why does the new contact lenses first soak at least 8 hours?
Because the contact lens care solution in itself is not suitable for everyone itself
In addition there are similar antiseptic ingredients, avoid eye irritation, must use their own maintenance bubble 8 hours and then wear.